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Course programme
Practical course "data science" will help you become a specialist in machine learning and neural networks in 2 months!
Module 1: Python for data analysis
Introduction to Python, data types, cycles, conditional statements, functions, collections, work with OOP files, exceptions and their processing
Module 2: Machine Learning
Introduction to machine learning, classification, restoring regression, ensemble, feature engineering (work with features), clustering tasks, work on a commercial project
Module 3: Deep Learning and neural networks
Introduction to neural networks, perceptron and convolutional neural networks, computer vision, recurrent networks
Module 4: Graduation thesis
Obtaining a certificate
Skills, that you will acquire
Python programming skills
- Solve data analysis problems using object-oriented programming on Python
- Learn to work with databases and visualize data
- Developing web and network server applications
- Skills in automating routine processes with Python
Knowledge of machine learning algorithms
- Learn modern methods and tools for analysing and processing data
- Master the methodology of working with data and be able to lead the project from start to finish
- You will be able to solve practical problems associated with audio and video identification and verification, as well as build predictive models
Experience of creating neural networks
- Learn to create and train neural networks
- You will be able to choose algorithms of neural networks for specific tasks
- Get the skills to solve practical problems related to computer vision and object recognition, classification and generation of texts and images, creating chat bots
High-demand specialisation
- The average salary of a data science specialist in Latvia is 3000 euros a month, in Russia 220 thousand rubles a month and in the USA the salary in this industry reaches up to 91 thousand dollars a year
- The need for good data science specialists is growing every month. There is a growing number of actual problems and cases that need to be solved using machine learning and data analysis algorithms
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