Python for Data Analysis

Get practical skills by using data analysis algorithms!
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Course programme
Python course is for you if you want to automate routine processes and gain practical experience in solving real data analysis tasks.
Required skills for the course : basic knowledge of programming
General purpose language, numbers, various operations, input / output, variables
Types of data
Strings, integral data types
Conditional statements
Scopes of variables, passing arguments to a function
Lists and work with them (cut-off generators), cut-offs (Slice), tuples, list inclusions, dictionaries
Work with OOP files
OOP paradigm, OOP Python, legacy, encapsulation, polymorphism
Exception handling
Work with databases (sqlite MySQLdb pandas), json, requests, code organization, modules, programming style
Skills, that you will acquire
Python programming
- Python Object-oriented programming
- Development of network server applications
- Work with SQL / NoSQL databases
Work with data
- The ability to visualize data
- Work with structured and non-structured data types
Chat bot creation
- With Python you can create chat bots for for various tasks and business cases
Experts and teachers
Our experts will help you to immerse yourself in a new profession
Denis Bragyn
10+ years of commercial and scientific development, participated in various B2B and B2C projects as a developer, architect, team lead and project manager. He graduated from the NSU Physics faculty. Currently Denis is Head of IT at chatmeAi.
Sergey Hairulin
13+ years of commercial and scientific development. The main contributor to the openWorm project. Author and co-author of several courses, including development courses in python, algorithms and data structures, machine learning. Graduated from NSU mathematics mechanics department. Currently Sergey is a Senior Python developer at chatmeAi
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